ARC-2507-48 , nicknamed "Dusty", was a Clone Trooper serving under the Grand Army Of The Republic during the Clone wars. He originally fought as an Advanced Recon Forces trooper under the 16th Legion, but was transferred to the 12th Fleet Security Corps.


CT-2507-48 and his brothers were trained on the planet Kamino, in Tipoca city. He received all of the training necessary before being added to the 6th legion for the battle of Geonosis.

Battle of Geonosis

CT-2507-48 and the 16th Legion were deployed against the Confederacy of Independant Systems on Geonosis. when he and his entire squad found themselves pinned down by several DSD1 dwarf spider droids accompanied by a full platoon of B1 battle droids, he used his slightly superior marksman abilities to target a weak point on one of them, triggering it to explode and causing a joint explosion with the other dwarf spider droids that destroyed most of the battle droids. 2507-48 was promoted to the rank of Corporal and he and the 16th Legion were sent to Coruscant along with the rest of the army after the battle.

Battles in the Outer Rim

Unlike the majority of the Grand Army of the Republic, the 16th Legion and a few others were sent to the Outer Rim instead of the Core Worlds. They were tasked with capturing Separatist positions and often found themselves sent to planets with desert terrain. "Dusty" and his unit, the 6th platoon, nicknamed "Suna" meaning "Sand" in another language, survived the horrors of these battles. Developing skills such as advanced marksmanship and the ability to gain strategic advantages even when fighting from behind cover. While the majority of the 16th Legion was wiped out during these battles, the Suna 6th continued to fight. The entire platoon had achieved ARF status and took in every stray Advanced Recon Force trooper they found.

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